All-American Soap Box Derby

The All-American Soap Box Derby, one of the longest-running sporting events in U.S. history, needed to promote, broadcast, and digitize it’s event and organization. Since the first All-American Soap Box Derby race back in 1934 the organization has had to re-invent itself several times to stay modern. Going into the 2000s the All-American Soap Box Derby found itself in a predicament, the future of the non-profit organization was uncertain, and the race needed to be updated to the digital world to stay relevant with a new generation of kids while promoting the idea of unplugged family fun.

I started working with the Soap Box Derby in 2010. It was a big year as Hollywood came to town in the form of Corbin Bernsen, who produced, directed and starred in 25 Hill, his fictional film about the All-American Soap Box Derby. With a compelling media hook, the AKA team applied media relations expertise and pitching skills to distribute behind-the-scenes footage from the set of the movie and b-roll footage from the race resulting in national coverage including ESPN Sportscenter.

The digital makeover included a yearly social media news release. The goal of the social media news release was to improve media awareness and interest in the Soap Box Derby and its community of dedicated fans as well as increase it's visibility and exposure to sponsors.

Online exposure to the Soap Box Derby is trending in the right direction with more than 10,000 webcast views and dramatic increases in social sharing of video content and overall engagement with online communities. With AKA’s Social Media News Release, pitching and community outreach, 134 websites, blogs and influencers shared content resulting in more than 100,000,000 online impressions.

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