This project was a complete refresh of AKA MEDIA INC.'s website using principles of modern web design including white space and larger typography. I saw this project through from the very early planning stages on to the interface design, coding, and integrating it with Drupal. I wanted to create something clean, bold, and minimal. The content would largely remain the same, so it was a matter of organizing it in a way that was more approachable, accessible, and friendlier to the end user. Both a basic style guide and sitemap were produced in the process. Ultimately, the redesign would give visitors an easily navigable site that would allow them to learn more about AKA's service offerings. I also focused heavily on the mobile friendliness of the website and created a responsive solution in a variety of templates.

AKA also wanted to further position themselves as a provider of Satellite Media Tours. I was responsible for SEO including landing page optimization, integrating Google Analytics in order to measure views, Google & Bing Webmaster Tools, as well as setting up and running Google Adwords campaigns. During this process I expanded my knowledge on how to maintain followers as well as new tricks for social networking when promoting the website. Our research found 60% of website visitors browsed the web on their smartphone or tablet, with the trend increasing every year. A simple to use, well-structured website, optimized for multiple screen resolutions and devices was the core of our UX approach.

Created at AKA MEDIA INC.