Old Spice Lumbersexual

In celebration of National Flannel Day when Old Spice decided to bring out it's brand new nature focused Fresher collection of body wash, deodorant and other man fresheners it needed a social media release with a shot of adrenaline for the launch of an uber macho promotion - the "Old Spice Getaway" for a chance to win a trip to the Lumberjack World Championships. Old Spice celebrated National Flannel Day by sending a group of Lumberjacks and Lumberjills to Walmart promoting the Old Spice Fresher Collection. The news release also featured, "The Ultimate Lumbersexual's Guide To Being The Awesomest" which was produced to be the ultimate guide to being a Lumbersexual.

The primary design focus was a nature inspired and lumberjack themed design inspired by the beard-rocking, flannel-sporting, boot-kicking Lumbersexual. I was asked to incorporate wood, flannel, and beards as the primary design element. The main elements were to be the Flannel Day video, produced by AKA as well as the "Old Spice Getaway" promotion. As part of the campaign, participants in National Flannel Day were asked to use the hashtag #flannelfresh on Twitter.

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Created at AKA MEDIA INC.